Frequently asked questions

How does it work?
Following the Bar Camp format, the unconference is a low-cost, collaborative event where participants of all levels are encouraged to prepare either a talk, a case study, a book review, a workshop idea or a group discussion. The program is made after a big vote, on the day. The 15 to 30 sessions will take place concurrently in break-out rooms.

Example themes:
A workshop on empathy mapping
A talk on accessibility
A discussion group on dark patterns
A case study from a recent work project

Do I *have* to come prepared with a talk to give?

No, you are not forced to prepare a talk, however we strongly encourage you to! No need to be an expert to propose a group discussion theme, sit back and enjoy!

How long do the sessions last?

Sessions last between 10 and 20 minutes plus some time for discussions. The room facilitator will help you set up and facilitate follow up questions and discussions.

What level does the UX Camp target?

All levels! Let's all meet, share and learn from each other in a safe and encouraging environment.

Why the UX Camp?

It is a company-agnostic event with no agenda but to grow UX in Australia.

Do I need to bring laptop to present?

The rooms come with screens but no in-house computers. Please bring your laptop with HDMI connection.

Is food provided?

Friday lunch will be provided.

Code of conduct

The organisers of UX Camp are committed to providing an event that is welcoming and safe for all participants, is free from unlawful discrimination and harassment, and where all participants are treated with dignity and respect.

Harassment is unlawful under both federal and all Australian state anti-discrimination laws, and as such, people suspected of such misconduct may be reported to authorities. Adherence to this Code of Conduct is a requirement for all event participants and sponsors, and covers all aspects of this event, including conference sessions and breaks, all social events and all communication, including that via email or social media (including but not limited to Facebook and Twitter) associated with the event.

To report violations of this Code of Conduct, alert a member of the UX Camp Team. Reports may be made by people subject to, or witnesses of, unacceptable behaviour. Unacceptable behaviour includes, but is not limited to: